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We don't need to tell you that your motorcycle needs to be serviced every 5k miles, but we should mention that when you bring it to us, a thorough inspection is performed on every service to ensure your bike is running at its best. 



From brakes, worn tires, oil leaks, and dead batteries to clutch issues, carburetor cleaning, electrical problems and diagnosing run concerns, we fix it all. 


Let us customize your motorcycle to your liking with factory or aftermarket accessories.


At U.P. Performance Cycles we can help you achieve the performance you want from your motorcycle. There are four stages of performance upgrade kits you can purchase -- from the cost effective high flow air cleaner and slip-on mufflers, to the top of the line CNC ported heads and fuel system upgrades. 


If you'd like to know exactly how much torque and horsepower your motorcycle produces, let us run it on our DynoJet Dyno. Want to improve your performance? We can tune your bike as well to ensure you get the maximum amount of power out of your engine. Benefits of dyno tuning include increased fuel economy, proper air fuel ratio to help your engine run cooler and last longer, along with increased performance.


U.P. Performance Cycles is a certified Royal Enfield service center. We can service and repair everything your Royal Enfield bike could possibly need, along with performing factory warranty work.

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